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Mission & Vision


China Dasheng Bank Limited was incorporated as a private limited liability company  under  the

Tanzanian Companies Act, 2002 on 1  March  2017 and issued with a certificate of registration number 133554. Bank of Tanzania (BOT)  issued a provisional license to  China Dasheng Bank on 25  November 2017  that granted approval to carry out banking business as a commercial bank subject to fulfillment of the conditions set forth by the  BOT.  The Bank was then issued with a permanent banking business license number  CBA00066 by the Bank of Tanzania on 8  November 2018 and started banking operations on 26 November 2018.



To become the bridge of economic cooperation between China and Tanzania by providing swift and convenient international banking services; to satisfy various requirements of Chinese and Tanzanian customers by providing quality products and highly efficient financial services.

(ii)  VISION

To become the multinational bank of China  –  Tanzania economic cooperation by providing

comprehensive financial solutions.


The principal activity of China Dasheng Bank Limited is to provide banking and related services as stipulated by the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 2006. These include but are not limited to the provision of general banking services  (like deposit-taking,  foreign exchange dealings, bank guarantees, construction financing, and treasury products.


  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Pragmatism
  • Excellency
  • Customer centricity


The main objectives of the Bank are to build the China Dasheng Bank into a world-class bank in the new era by enabling advancement through technology, driving development through innovation, delivering performance through transformation, and enhancing strength through reforms.

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