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i. Personal Loans

We help you meet your desired needs and wants by our loans.

No matter what your needs are, we are here for you. ​

Do you need constant cash support, month in and month out? With longer-tenure credit, flexible payment plan and lower equity, banking with us is a rewarding relationship that enables you to enjoy the good things from our Bank.

ii. Business Loans and Overdrafts

Personal Overdraft is a short-term facility that allows you to overdraw your current account for 6 months, up to a maximum amount of XXX million. You repay only 5% of the amount borrowed every 30 days when your salary is paid.


-By having to repay 5% every month till the end of the 6 months tenure, when you have to repay the total outstanding, you are assisted in managing your finances

-Gives you the money you need when you do not have sufficient funds in your account

-Flexible, structured and convenient terms of repayment

-Competitive interest rate


Target Audience:

-Executives, partners and mid-level management staff of reputable organizations in the private or public sector who are confirmed and earn an after-tax annual income of XXX Million or above

-Individuals whose salaries have been paid through China Dasheng for at least 3 months

-Individuals who do not have a history of cheques returned due to insufficient funds


How to Apply:

-Complete China Dasheng Loan Application Forms, which you may download online or pick up from any of our branches.

-Submit your application to the Customer Service Officer in our branch


Overdraft Facilities

The China Dasheng Overdraft Facility gives you the financial flexibility you need by allowing your business to overdraw on your China Dasheng Business Account. This will provide your business the comfort of having access to additional funds when your bank balance is running low. 


 Who can qualify for this account?

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age

At least three years’ experience operating the same or a similar business

The business must be located within a location served by any China Dasheng branch

The business must have a steady cash flow 

Applicants must have a proper recording system and demonstrate the capability of operating business profitably

Applicants must have a premise (owned or rented)

The borrower must have a business license/permit from local authorities in his or her own name

Applicants must have a good reputation in the community

Applicants must open or have a China Dasheng Business Account or NMB Business Account Plus with China Dasheng 

For further assistance, please contact your nearest China Dasheng branch or call –  +255 222 127 586.

iii. Export Financing Facilities (LC's and Documentary Collections)

Letters of credit are especially important in international trade due to the distance involved, the potentially differing laws in the countries of the businesses involved, and the difficulty of the parties meeting in person. While letters of credit are primarily used in global transactions, bank guarantees are often used in real estate contracts and infrastructure projects. 


A letter of credit represents an obligation taken on by a bank to make a payment once certain criteria are met. After these terms are completed and confirmed, the bank will transfer the funds. The letter of credit ensures the payment will be made as long as the services are performed. The letter of credit basically substitutes the bank’s credit for that of its client, ensuring correct and timely payment.

There are different kinds of LC’s, but China Dasheng Bank offers export letter of credit that lets the buyer’s bank know it must pay the seller, provided all the conditions of the contract are met.

iv. Import Financing Facilities (LC's and Documentary Collection)

It is also referred to as trade, stock or inventory finance depending on the regional context. It could be any form of credit facility that allows an import trader to gain access to cash reserves needed to further business objectives and grow their firms.



Import financing includes a range of trade finance methods we provide to finance import transactions. From import letters of credit and import bank guarantees, to invoice factoring and financial instrument monetization, we provide import financing that makes cross-border trade easier, more profitable and less risky.


For importers, China Dasheng handles import bills for collection for our clients, where the supplier requests their bank to send shipping documents to China Dasheng and our client receives prompt advice upon receipt of documents at our counters.  Upon acceptance of the documents by the client, payment to the supplier is effected by CDB as per instructions.   


Exporters, can simplify dispatch documents to China Dasheng with instructions to courier to the buyer’s bank and the bank will track payment. Reconciliation of export collections will be provided regardless of whether terms are documents against acceptance, documents against payment or clean collections. Discounting of export collections is also available for documents against acceptance to allow for acceleration of export receivables.

v. Invoice Discounting

What is invoice discounting? Is it the right finance facility for my business?

Invoice discounting is an invoice finance facility that allows business owners to leverage the value of their sales ledger. When you send out an invoice to your customer, a proportion of the total amount becomes available from the lender, providing an invaluable source of working capital throughout the month.


This type of invoice finance is very similar to factoring, the main difference being that your customer may not be aware that you have taken on cash flow finance. You remain in control of the sales ledger, collecting payments as normal and sending out reminders. This allows you to maintain your own style of communication and standards of customer service, on which the success of your company relies.


How do you know if invoice discounting is right for your business?

With so many alternative finance options now available, it can be difficult to know which one is the most appropriate, but invoice discounting could be a good option if:

-Your credit control procedures are robust, and known to be effective

-You have minimal bad debts

-Your customers pay on time in the main

-Customers have a minimum of 30 days in which to pay

-You meet the minimum level of turnover required by the lender

vi. Business Account

    A business Account is a current account for business transactions. Business customers can use the China Dasheng Business Account for payments, withdrawals, transfers, standing orders options, and deposits. 


    Available in both local (TZS) and foreign currency (USD, EURO and GBP)

    Access to China Dasheng treasury products and international payment facilities

    Access our nationwide network 

    Make deposits into your account easily, wherever you are in Tanzania

    Access to the China Dasheng overdraft facility for which you can apply separately


    For whom: 

    All small and large business customers 



    The business account can be opened by individuals or any registered businesses

    Two passport photographs of authorized signatories

    Two references from China Dasheng customers 

    An opening balance of TZS 100,000

    The minimum age for applicants is 18 years

    For further assistance, please call our toll free number – +255 222 127 586

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